Kelsey Baird, a Masters student in Applied Ecology & Conservation Biology needs your help..

Kelsey Baird, a Masters student in Applied Ecology & Conservation Biology at Frostburg State University, Maryland USA is trying to conduct an assessment of angler attitudes towards otters and piscivorous birds in Great Britain as part of her thesis. Kelsey comes to her study with an objective mind and an excited interest, having grown up in Scotland and graduating from the University of Stirling.

Kelsey is interested in the thoughts on and experiences of all anglers while fishing in Great Britain, and seeks help with her study. She is trying to get in contact with as many anglers as possible to complete her survey while she is currently in Scotland. She will send surveys with prepaid return envelopes to willing participants and aims to publish her thesis and to make a real contribution towards the conservation of native game fishes, as well as more effective conservation management of piscivorous wildlife. 

Anyone interested in contributing to Kelsey’s work should contact her on