'It’s the water, stupid'

Martin Salter, Head of Policy at the Angling Trust, and (importantly) former MP for Reading West, has written this excellent blog post for RiverAction. 

The title parodies Bill Clinton’s famous phrase it’s the economy, stupid’ and is very clear about the challenges facing the incoming Government and what needs to be done. Martin’s subject matter covers sewage, of course, but more importantly the underlying systemic issues around water pricing, regulation, investment and water security.

Typically of Martin, it is robust, forthright and grounded in common sense and experience. Along with RiverAction, the Angling Trust and other campaigners, he will be making sure that the message gets through in Westminster, and WTT will be supporting them in every possible way. 

Meanwhile, as individuals who care deeply about the state of our rivers, each of us should be lobbying our new MP (of whatever hue, come 5 July) to put river health high on their agenda — particularly in view of its absence in the election debate of the two front-running parties.

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A reduction in abstraction is vital to stop rivers running dry.