How we’ll spend our funding from the WTT Auction

The money raised in our Spring Auction is crucial to what we do – it’s our single most important fundraising event of the year. We run the auction with one (very busy) member of staff and one (also very busy) volunteer. All our auction lots are given to us for free, and because we run our own auction website, 100% of the money, apart from any credit card fees, goes to support our work. 

Our work is for the conservation of our native, wild brown trout and all manner of other wildlife that share the places where they live. 

Most of what we do is very practical, working with fishing clubs, landowners, other conservation groups and government bodies to improve trout habitat. We put wood and gravel in the river, plant bankside trees, fence-off riverbanks, take down weirs and install fish passes so fish can move around freely to fulfil their life cycle. 

We also give expert advice and train volunteers in the practical skills to enable them to care for their rivers and its wildlife. 

WTT team at work 2 comp
WTT team at work comp

The auction funds play an important role in getting projects off the ground; crucially, they are increasingly used to leverage more funds from other sources. They also help keep our hard-working team of Conservation Officers equipped with tools like chainsaws and waders for them and for the volunteers we help.

We use wisely whatever money is raised; we keep overheads to an absolute minimum (for example, our staff all work from home) to maximise the amount we spend on practical improvement of habitat for wild trout. 

This year’s Auction runs until the afternoon of Sunday 26 March, when lots will start ending sequentially from 4pm. Thank you to everyone who has donated lots and made bids so far!