How big is the trout you have just caught?

Measure your trout quickly and easily against your rod using our stick-on rod measure, and calculate its weight based on length and condition using our handy waterproof length to weight calculation table.

Only £3.50 per set including postage. Click here to order.

This is the fastest and most effective way to record the size and weight of trout, ensuring that the trout is kept in the water and released quickly with minimum handling. You can also photograph the trout against the measure to record that special fish.

The Wild Trout Trust is very keen to encourage best practice catch and release, so we have developed the trout measure and length-weight table to encourage anglers to measure rather than weigh their fish and return them quickly. The rod measures are being sold at cost so that they are used as widely as possible – although you will have the opportunity to add an extra donation at the check-out stage to support our vital habitat work for wild trout.

For more information on best practice catch and release, click here for an excellent video.