Grim News for Our Rivers?

The BBC today tells of grim forecasts for our rivers: https://​www​.bbc​.co​.uk/​n​e​w​s​/​u​k​-​e​n​g​l​a​n​d​-​4​9​1​31405

Link to the background information for this report. 

The piece paints a sad tale of the current quality of our rivers and hints at reduced ambition among the powers-that-be to meet previously-set targets for the future to make things better. 

In England, Government’s 25 Year Plan for the Environment sets a target to get 75% of rivers to good” for wildlife, compared to 14% currently. The Environment Agency plans an autumn consultation on the challenges and choices” and what can realistically be achieved”.

Watch out for that consultation and make your voice heard!

Foaming Bourton Mill Weir Martin Janes comp
The River Ouse at Bourton Mill Weir. Photo: Martin Janes