The good work continues on the Lark

Working with local groups, whether they are angling clubs or conservation volunteers, is a critical part of our work. Building skills and enthusiasm in volunteers to improve river habitat means the work carries on long after we have moved to the next project.

Slowly but surely we are improving the River Lark in Suffolk so that it supports more trout and more wildlife generally. Some of our projects on the Lark have been large scale and professional, involving WTT Conservation Officers Andy Thomas or Rob Mungovan directing large machines and just a few volunteers (see The Lark Sings’)

The most recent project was very much volunteer led-see video below with Rob Mungovan.
And read the article in the local press here.

There is one consistent name in all these projects – Glenn Smithson. His dedication to improving the River Lark has been the driving force behind all this work. All rivers need a Glenn!