Friends of Bilbrook and Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust Both Receive Trout in the Town Accreditation

Two more groups battling to protect and improve their local, urban trout streams have both received their Bronze” level Trout in the Town Accreditation Certificates and Badges.

Friends of Bilbrook

With many years managing the wild flora and fauna surrounding the Moat Brook, Perton under their belts, a Wild Trout Trust practical visit in 2017 (in partnership with Groundwork West Midlands), the Friends of Bilbrook brought action and attention to the stream environment too. You can keep up to date with current activities (as well as check out a historic log of action) carried out by the Friends of Bilbrook on their Facebook page and blog.

Friends Of Bilbrook PV comp
Friends of Bilbrook at work with the WTT

Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust

Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust certainly hit the ground running with their innovative engagement and fundraising activity of guided urban caving” tours of the underground sections of the Lower Porter Brook in Sheffield.

Upcoming work will also include the creation of a light well” on Platform 5 of the railway station in Sheffield – which will alert passengers to the (as yet, little-known) fact that the River Sheaf and Porter Brook actually join beneath the station.

Habitat improvement works, re-connection of fragmented habitat and an ambitious programme of de-culverting – as well as mass-engagement of local interests – are all in the sights of the Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust. Involvement of local businesses, arts and culture interests along with strong connections to Sheffield City Council have already created a formidable momentum.

Sheaf Deculverting comp
River Sheaf de-culverting

Follow and get involved with events and projects via Facebook and Website

INCLUDING joining in on the planning application responses (example here) that can shape the future of the Sheaf (and Porter). You’ll find information on how to take part on both their Facebook and main Website platforms.

If you have been inspired to follow in the footsteps of our two most recently accredited groups, there can be no better place to start than our Urban River Toolkit, available as a Print on Demand (so it’s never out of stock) copy from Amazon.

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Urban River Toolkit