Farmers and rivers: working together for the Wye

The Wye and Usk Foundation is working with 14 farmers in Herefordshire to help resolve the major issues in the Wye catchment. They have applied for funding to Defra under the new structure of funding that is replacing the EU Common Agricultural Policy — ELMS, in this case the top tier of funding: the Landscape Recovery Scheme.

It is good to see that rivers are a focus area for this funding and this is an excellent example of farmers and river conservationists working together.

Martin Williams, who farms on the banks of the Wye, said: The bid is a golden opportunity for farmers in the catchment. If agriculture is 70% of the problem this project is a huge step towards us being 70% of the solution.”

Our member’s journal, Salmo Trutta, includes an article about phosphorous in the Wye catchment by the team at Lancaster University.

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