Environment Agency report on water company performance.

The EA in England have published their report on water company environmental performance for 2021.

Emma Howard Boyd, the outgoing Chair of the EA, sounded a strong warning to the water industry, making these comments (amongst others) in the Foreward: 

In 2021, the environmental performance of England’s 9 water and sewerage companies was the worst we have seen for years.’

The sector’s performance on pollution was shocking, much worse than previous years.’

Repeat offenders can now expect criminal prosecutions for less serious environmental incidents where once the Environment Agency would have used civil powers.’

Water companies exist to serve the public. Their environmental performance is a breach of trust. The polluter must pay.’

WTT looks forward to Ms Howard Boyd’s words leading to concerted regulatory action. If you are among the many customers whose water company is performing unacceptably or worse, you might like to write to your MP and to your company’s CEO. 

For a round up of the water quality issue and campaigns, check out our sewage in rivers blog. 

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