Beware fraudulent lots on eBay: update

A number of lots are appearing on eBay that appear to be WTT auction lots. Our auction has closed and we will not be posting any more auction lots on eBay until next year. 

These lots are fraudulent and have no connection to the WTT, so please don’t bid on them ! 

We have reported the problem to eBay. If you have bought one of these lots, please contact eBay for a refund.

UPDATE: eBay have now removed the fraudulent lots and will endeavour to prevent a repeat of the problem. If you do spot any lots on eBay purporting to be from the WTT but from a seller in China, please use the report the item’ button and report it under listing practices’ — fraudulent listing’ . Please also let us know by email to dashton@​wildtrout.​org.

Many thanks to Nick Aldridge at PayPal Giving Fund for getting this resolved over a bank holiday weekend.