Asian Hornets

Rather a peculiar news item for the Wild Trout Trust, perhaps, but we Wild Trout types are outside more than your average Joe, we might just bump into the odd hornet. Many of us already spend time battling against other non-native invaders like signal crayfish and various alien plants. So, with the Asian hornet in the news again as a threat to our honey bee, we thought a quick swat-up might be appropriate for interested WTT supporters.

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If you do think you’ve seen the nasty one, try to take a photo and report it via the Asian Hornet Watch app,

go to www​.non​na​tivespecies​.org/​a​l​e​r​t​s​/​a​s​i​a​n​h​ornet for further information 

If you find an active nest, avoid it — it’s an aggressive blighter.

Alert poster Vespa velutina A4