Annual Get Together June 8 & 9, Devon

River West Dart

The Annual Get Together will take place on the banks of the River Dart, 8 & 9 June at the Dartmoor Training Centre, Princetown, Devon. This event is open to members and non members of the WTT.

Full details including booking form, click here.

The programme outline is:

Saturday morning: a number of talks to include a round-up of WTT’s year, case studies and plans for the future; catchment liming by Dylan Bright, Director of the West Country Rivers Trust; results to date from research at Stirling University on triploid brown trout research, and confessions of a one, one river fisherman by Nigel Ash oft he WTT and Dart Angling Association.

Saturday afternoon: a talk on invasive monsters’ by Mike Clough followed by a walk along Dartmoor river reaches.

Evening: informal supper at the Dartmoor Training Centre, a talk on Fantastic Fishers’ by Mark Everard and an 

opportunity to share a drink to chat fish, and fishing, plus an auction.

Sunday: Opportunities to fish the glorious River Dart and its tributaries on Dartmoor for a special concessionary rate of £5.00.

For more information on the Centre, click here: http://​www​.dart​moor​centres​.co​.uk/​c​e​n​t​r​e​s​.html