River Nidd

The objective of this project was to boost productivity of wild trout to facilitate the angling club moving to wild trout fishing. The project was led by WTT Conservation and Research Officer Jonny Grey. Jonny was able to carry out electro-fishing to prove that the project was successful in boosting populations of juvenile trout.

A WTT Advisory Visit, carried out on the River Nidd in 2011, sat on the shelf for a long time, then was updated in 2018 by Jonny Grey. This catalysed a series of funding bids, changes in management, and practical work, ceasing stocking and instead ploughing money into helping the wild fish.
More information on the detail of this project is available on this blog post

The boosts in production of wild, young of year trout in two tributaries of club waters were achieved through fairly simple measures. Electric fishing monitoring of the tributaries, and new online catch returns developed by the club, all point to improved fishing for members.

The Angling Trust have showcased the work in the film below.