Project videos

Malham Beck, North Yorkshire

WTT Research and Conservation Officer, Jonny Grey, has been working with two local farmers on Malham Beck in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. They were keen to return to more natural wet meadow systems and this was achieved by taking the artificial stone banks that were constraining the river and redistributing the material into the river. This allows the beck to return to the processes of erosion and deposition, creating more natural, complex, diverse habit for trout and other wildlife.

River Nar, Norfolk

The River Nar: A Chalkstream Restoration follows WTT Vice President, Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s three-year partnership project near Castle Acre in Norfolk involving local landowners (Holkham, West Acre and Narford estates) and Norfolk Rivers Trust — as well as Norfolk Rivers Drainage Board and Water Management Alliance, who co-funded the film with the WTT.

Shot and edited by Chalkstream Fly.

River Ecclesbourne, Nottinghamshire

Dam removal at Snake Lane on the River Ecclesbourne. More information can be found on the project page for this project. 

Upper River Test, Hampshire

A collaborative project with Wessex Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency to restore a kilometre-long stretch of the upper River Test.