Project Funding

We can provide advice on where to find funding for your project. Some general advice is available in the PDF document attached  here and there is a summary of likely sources of funding below We can also provide more specific advice if necessary — please contact sponsorship@​wildtrout.​org.

The WTT can help with raffle prizes to raise money for habitat projects through the Sage Rods for Conservation programme.

We are occasionally in a position to give bursaries to help kick start’ a project, or to directly fund a project that we largely deliver ourselves, although we do still require local involvement.

If you would like more information this area, please contact projects@​wildtrout.​org.

Funding guidance

We can help you to find funding for your project by telling where are the potential sources of funding, helping you through the application process and possibly providing you with some kick start funding through our bursaries scheme.

Raising funds for projects is not difficult once you know who to ask. There are three important points to remember:

  • Be clear about your project – what do you want to do, and what will it achieve?
  • Understand the criteria that the funding source will apply to your application. Make sure your project and the application will tick all the boxes’ for the potential funder.
  • Remember to say thank you and explain how the money has been spent.

Public funding

The Environment Agency likes to deliver habitat improvement projects in partnership with other groups and organisations. They may have funding available from sale of rod licences, and to support key elements of their strategy such as flood defence or the Water Framework Directive. Get to know key people in the EA and understand their priorities and budget allocation process

Significant funding is available associated with the Water Framework Directive. Some is being managed by the Rivers Trusts, so contact your local Rivers Trust and understand their programme of work and look to partner with them.

In Scotland, the water restoration fund is administered by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). Details are available here.

Major releases of funding are posted as news items on this website.

Natural England may be a source of funding if your project is in an area with a conservation designation such as Site of Special Scientific Interest, or if your project will help a Biodiversity Action Plan species or habitat (for example, brook lamprey, chalk streams).

In Scotland, SNH provides funding for projects that improve the management of landscapes and help preserve habitats. Click here for details.

Local Government also has some responsibility for the environment and may provide funding for your project. The Countryside Service is a good place to start.

National Parks also have some funds for community based projects within their own area (Sustainability Funds). 

Charitable Trusts

There are many hundreds of charitable trusts and finding the one which will fund your project can be time consuming. Small, local charitable trusts are a better bet for projects than the larger national trusts. Before you spend time applying, make sure you understand the criteria against which they judge funding applications.

Landfill communities fund 

This is a very good source of funding. Find out who operates landfill sites in your local area and look up their grant making process on the internet.

Local Businesses

Through their Corporate Responsibility’ policy, businesses will give money or goods or employee staff time.

Events and individual donations 

Raffles, auctions and sponsorship are all good ways of raising money and can be enjoyable and good for publicity too.