Man made changes to river flows can have profound effects on both  wild trout populations and the eocsystems that support them. We keep abreast of research and new developments in this area. 

For an example of the WTT's position as at March 2013, see the consultation response below:

WTT Response to EA Hydro Flows Consultation March 2013.

In the meantime, the Angling Trust has produced two papers outlining their position statement on hydropower developments and a guide to objecting to their development. For further information, click on the titles below:

Angling Trust position statement on hydropower

Angling Trust guide to objecting to hydropower developments

The following article on hydropower was published in the Spectator on 22/09/2012 and was the prize winner for the best writing on envrionmental heresy. Click here to view the article.

The views expressed in these publications are not necessarily those of the WTT.

Environment Agency (England) guidance for run of river hydropower development, issued in February 2016.

The European Anglers Alliance in collaboration with the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association have released a video to inform people about the impacts of small hydro schemes.