Advisory Visits

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About Advisory Visits

These visits provide expert, practical advice to individuals or organisations that have responsibility for a stretch of river or a lake which is, or could be, wild trout habitat.

One of our Conservation Officers will walk your stretch of river with you and discuss how you can best manage and improve the habitat. They will give you a report with recommendations and advice on techniques consents and project funding. This report is usually the basis of a habitat improvement project or change in habitat management – more than 90% of our visits and reports result in practical action.

If you would like an Advisory Visit, send an email to projects@​wildtrout.​org or write to the WTT office at Freepost WILD TROUT TRUST (this is the complete address) with a request for support and a short summary of the location and current management of the site. 

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WTT would like to recognise the support of the Environment Agency through rod licence monies for many of the Advisory Visits conducted in England.

Title Year River Name River Basin County Author
River Welland, Duddington, Northamptonshire 2018 Welland Anglian Northamptonshire Rob Mungovan
Thorner Beck, River Wharfe 2018 Wharfe Humber West Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
Upper River Witham. Project Review and River Restoration Opportunity Mapping 2018 Witham Anglian Lincolnshire Tim Jacklin
Water of Milk – Dumfries and Galloway 2018 Water of Milk (River Annan) Scotland Scotland Gareth Pedley
Watton Beck (River Hull catchment) 2018 Watton Beck Humber South Humberside Gareth Pedley
Beechburn Beck 2019 Beechburn Beck (River Wear) Northumbria Durham Gareth Pedley
Black Brook, Calderdale 2019 Black Brook / River Calder Humber West Yorkshire Paul Gaskell
Bucklesham Mill River and Newbourne Stream 2019 Bucklesham Mill River and Newbourne Stream Anglian Suffolk Rob Mungovan
Cheselbourne Stream, Cheselbourne, Dorset 2019 Cheselbourne Stream South West Dorset Theo Pike
Gledhow Beck (Tributary of Meanwood Beck/River Aire), Gledhow Valley 2019 Gledhow Brook Humber North Yorkshire Paul Gaskell
Powmillon Burn, Strathaven 2019 Powmillon Burn Scotland Scotland Jonathan Grey
R Wharfe & tributaries, Bolton Abbey Estate 2019 Wharfe Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
R. Burn, R. Ure tributary Northern Fishing School 2019 River Burn Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
Rievaulx Sporting pools 2019 Grass Keld, River Rye tributary Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
River Avon (Western Arm) at Willowdene Farm, Charlton Manor 2019 Avon South West Wiltshire Nick Lawrence
River Derwent (Tyne and Wear) 2019 Derwent (Tyne tributary) Northumbria Tyne and Wear Gareth Pedley
River Dever – Sutton Scotney 2019 Dever South East Hampshire Nick Lawrence
River Douglas II 2019 Douglas Scotland Scotland Paul Gaskell
River Dour Technical Notes 2019 River Dour South East Kent Paul Gaskell
River Dun – Dunerley, Dunbridge 2019 Dun South East Hampshire Andy Thomas
River Ecclesbourne, Derbyshire 2019 Ecclesbourne Humber Derbyshire Tim Jacklin
River Fynn, Suffolk 2019 Fynn Anglian Suffolk Rob Mungovan
River Granta at Linton 2019 Granta Anglian Cambridgeshire Rob Mungovan
River Granta, Babraham, Cambridgeshire 2019 Granta Anglian Cambridgeshire Rob Mungovan
River Great Ouse at Radclive 2019 Great Ouse Anglian Buckinghamshire Tim Jacklin
River Ivel Navigation, Bedfordshire 2019 Ivel Anglian Bedfordshire Rob Mungovan
River Leven 2019 River Leven Northumbria North Yorkshire Gareth Pedley
River Leven, Skutterskelfe Anglers 2019 Leven Humber North Yorkshire Gareth Pedley
River Manifold, Longnor, Staffordshire 2019 Manifold Humber Staffordshire Tim Jacklin
River Mimram at Panshanger Park 2019 Mimram Anglian Hertfordshire Rob Mungovan
River Pang, Bradfield College, 2019 Pang Thames Berkshire Rob Mungovan
River Perry, Shropshire 2019 Perry Severn Shropshire Tim Jacklin
River Roden on the Acton Reynald Estate 2019 Roden Severn Shropshire Tim Jacklin
River Ure at Middleham 2019 Ure Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
River Wear Witton-le-Wear Flyfishers 2019 Wear Northumbria Durham Gareth Pedley
River Wharfe, Otley Angling Club 2019 Wharfe Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
River Witham, Barkston 2019 Witham Anglian Lincolnshire Tim Jacklin
Rivers Meden and Maun, Thoresby Estate, Nottinghamshire 2019 Meden and Maun Humber Nottinghamshire Tim Jacklin
Shalbourne Stream – Mill House 2019 Shalbourne Stream Thames Wiltshire Nick Lawrence
Shelf Brook, Glossop, Derbyshire 2019 Shelf Brook North West Derbyshire Tim Jacklin
Smestow Brook, Wolverhampton 2019 Smestow Brook Severn West Midlands Tim Jacklin
The Allen River – Damerham Fishery 2019 Allen South West Dorset Andy Thomas
Thornton le Dale Village Hub 2019 Thornton Beck and Thornton le Dale Village pond Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
Ullswater Tributaries near Watermillock 2019 Ullswater Tributaries near Watermillock North West Cumbria Gareth Pedley
Axe Vale Rivers Association, Seaborough 2020 Axe South West Dorset Nick Lawrence
Burrator Reservoir & the River Meavy 2020 Burrator Reservoir and River Meavy South West Devon Bruno Vincent
Cound Brook, Shropshire 2020 Cound Brook Severn Shropshire Tim Jacklin
Dolwen Reservoir 2020 Dolwen Reservoir, Afon Elwy Dee Wales Tim Jacklin
Exning New River, Suffolk 2020 Exning Anglian Suffolk Rob Mungovan
Ham Brook 2020 Ham Brook South West Devon Bruno Vincent