Exploring the wild lochs of Scotland
River Teign, Devon. Photo: Bob Wellard
A tiny trout, just emerged from the egg
The Wild Trout Trust works to protect and enhance river habitat

The Wild Trout Trust gives advice to support all life stages of trout. Photo: Sam MacDonald

Shaggy vegetated margins of a river are vital trout habitat
Photo: Bob Wellard
The West Dart: a spate stream, here full of great trout habitat
The WTT help create habitat in dredged and damaged rivers. River Stour, Kent
Sea trout in the River Cothi. Photo: David Miller
Trout inspired art. Metal relief panel by Sam MacDonald
Grayling and trout happily co-exist. Photo: David Miller
Wild brown trout like this face many threats, including stocking. Photo: Jon Beer
River Wylye in Spring. Photo: Bob Wellard
Wild brown trout are indicators of a healthy environment. Photo: Jon Beer
Simple techniques can improve rivers for trout and many other organisms

Trout and grayling co-exist. Photo: Paul Colley

A tiny trout takes it's first solid food. A critical life stage.
River Wylye in summer. Photo: Bob Wellard
The invertebrate life of a river tells much about its water quality
Photo: Jon Beer
The WTT helps to create habitat in dredged and damaged rivers. River Stour, Kent
The WTT is a practical, hands-on organisation enhancing aquatic habitats
WTT River Habitat Workshops teach volunteers how to care for their river
A healthy wild trout population is a sentinel for a healthy river. Photo C.Rangeley-Wilson

Photo: Charles Rangeley-Wilson

A wild brown trout - a very special animal. Photo:Charles Carr
The Wild Trout Trust advises on habitat in lakes as well as rivers
The River Test.Photo: Martin Jacobs
Spawning time !
The River Meon in Hampshire - excellent habitat for wild trout.
Fly hatch. Photo: C. Rangeley-Wilson
Chalkstreams are special ecosystems, vulnerable to harm at the hand of man
Dredged rivers rapidly fill with silt and reeds.The WTT carry out projects to create natural, self-cleansing channels and good trout habitat.

Photo: Ceri Thomas

A WTT Conservation Officer demonstrates practical habitat enhancement techniques
The West Dart on Dartmoor
Trout need plentiful cold, clean water to thrive
The Wild Trout Trust team at work on the River Manifold
Science is now telling us how unique are many of our wild brown trout populations
Damsel fly. Photo: Charles Carr
Photo: David Miller

volunteers carrying material for habitat work

The Wild Trout Trust is a conservation charity that stimulates hands-on, in-the-water projects, helping others to help themselves with habitat improvement in and around rivers and lakes.

Any individual or organisation caring for a wild trout population, anywhere in the UK or Ireland, can call on the Trust for practical help, advice and support.

By ensuring a river is good for wild trout, it will be good for other wildlife too.